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Welcome Sensei Alessio Cortani from Italy as a new member of the Dharma-Ryu dojos.  You can contact us at (702) 494-8740 or e-mail us at  The four DVD set of the Okinawa Kenpo system is now available. Please e-mail us for more information. Happy New Year!!!


This is the official Okinawa Kenpo Karate Dharma-Ryu dojo website (OKDR). Sensei Paul Ortino Jr. founded the OKDR in January 1983. Sensei Ortino was promoted to 8th degree black belt by Grandmaster Seikichi Odo in June 2001.  On July 10, 2010, Hanshi Ortino was promoted to 9th degree black belt in Naples, Florida with the blessings of Grandmasters Bob Dunn, Richard Gonzalez and Al Smith.  This was held at the dojo of Master Victor Ortino in Naples, Florida.

The Okinawa Kenpo Dharma-Ryu dojo was the last dojo that Master Odo visited in the United States before he passed away. We had the greatest privilege of taking care of him while he was at Straub hospital and at our home during his recovery. Thanks to the support of Julian (Butch) Spain and many other students and friends as well as all the prayers, Master Odo miraculously survived bilateral pneumonia and congestive heart failure and finally recovered and was able to go home to his family in Okinawa. He told his wife that he was treated like a king in Hawaii and was very grateful to all the people who helped him.  

Master Odo passed away on March 24, 2002 and is survived by his wife Yoshiko and son Susumu who are presently controlling the Ryu-Kyu Hon Karate Kobujutsu Federation (RHKKF) with the aid of Julian Spain. He was a great Sensei and a great man. We dedicate this website to Master Odo and express our utmost gratitude, respect and admiration. He was one of the finest weapons masters from Okinawa, Japan. He will always be in our hearts. His legacy will live on forever as long as we continue to preserve his kata and kobudo by teaching the same way Master Odo taught it. The Dharma-Ryu dojo takes great pride in preserving Master Odo's tradition and legacy.  

Sensei Ortino is in the process of reorganizing the Dharma-Ryu dojos welcoming all black belts who supported Master Odo that would like to belong to a traditional organization, recognized by the Hawaii Karate Kodanshakai and the Hawaii Karate Congress.  Master Ortino is a lifetime member of both the OKKKF AND RHKKF. Hanshi Ortino is also a member of the ISKU (International Seishinkai Karate Union) and MACI (Martial Artists For Christ International).

All active black belts under the OKDR organization need to register in order to remain active and receive the benefits. Any former OKDR black belts who wish to become active members, please contact us through e-mail or see the black belt registration link.

We presently have DVD’s with katas performed by both Sensei Ortino and Master Odo that represents the way Master Odo taught them prior to his passing.  

(Master Ed Parker)

I come to you with only karate…empty hands.
I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, 
My principles or my honor, should it be a matter of life or death, 
or right or wrong, then here are my weapons. 
Karate my empty hands.


To teach traditional Okinawa Kenpo Karate/Kobudo as taught by the late Hanshi Seikichi Odo.


To be of outstanding character at all times, to carry the sword of Pride, the shield of Humility, the armor of Gratitude while riding the horse of Righteousness.


Never forget our roots and those who helped us to get to where we are today, to be respectful to our Sempai as well as our Kohai, to seek perfection of character through our loyalty, dedication, honor and sincerity to our God, family and teachings of the Dharma-Ryu Dojo.


To give back to others willingly and with kindness what our teachers and mentors have given to us.

(Sensei Paul Ortino, Jr. - 6/20/86)

The "Spirit of Karate" lies within.
It has no race - no religion
Starts in the Dojo - wherever that may be
Goes on forever - throughout eternity.

It can't be bought and it can't be sold.
It lives in the humble and not in bold.
It lives in the sweat as it runs off your face,
While you practice your basics,
With power, yet grace.

You train and train through the strain and the pain
and you'll be back tomorrow - to repeat it again.
Some say it's crazy - some say insane
others call it Karate on the brain.

But beyond all the punches and all of the kicks,
and after the Katas and Self-defense tricks,
If you look in their eyes - you can see their soul
The Bridge to Budo - The Heart - The Toll
The Strive for Perfection - Their Only Goal.

Yes it's true that the "Spirit of Karate" is within
The doorway is practice and self-discipline
and a winner never quits - and a quitter never wins...

Sensei Ortino can be contacted at or call us at (702) 494-8740


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